Mrs. Evelina Miltenova participated in the preparation of professional material for the IPE media on the supplementary pension insurance market and the prospects for pension funds in Bulgaria in 2024.

The country is trying to fulfill all the criteria set by the EU to finally join the Eurozone. “We, the branch association of the Bulgarian supplementary pension insurance companies, were invited and from 2022 we actively participated in the working group, consulting, actively discussing and giving proposals and opinions related to the national plan for the introduction of the euro, as well as the law for the introduction of the euro”, says Evelina Miltenova, president of the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Insurance Companies (BASPC).

Pension fund managers have considered the eurozone their home market since the country joined the EU in 2007. “We do not expect a significant change or expansion of investment alternatives, but operating in a stable euro market will be extremely important for insured persons. in the country,” she adds.

BASPC supports the increase of contributions in the second pillar from 5% to at least 10% to ensure sufficient additional pensions. “Increasing the level of contributions is another important point that needs to be addressed in order to increase pension savings and pension payments. Twenty years of saving is not enough for a decent pension; the minimum is 30-35 years of saving during the entire working life on the face,” says Miltenova.

“Now pension funds are not allowed to change the portfolio, for example by being more aggressive in the initial phase of saving and becoming more conservative at the end of the life cycle of accumulating pension investments. The proposal to introduce multi-funds was discussed in Bulgaria in recent years and now it is likely and imperative that the topic be raised again at the political level in 2024,” she added.

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